As a first step towards preserving the project of envisioning real utopias, we seek the establishment of a Rackham Interdisciplinary Workshop that will emulate the collaborative work Erik Olin Wright pioneered through holding symposia and workshops on topics of vital social importance. This RIW will build off of Fabian Pfeffer’s Inequality Lab – an interdisciplinary research and training laboratory that opened in the fall of 2017 to investigate the dynamics of social inequality – and the infrastructure of the recently founded Center for Inequality Dynamics housed in the Institute for Social Research. 


Through the Center for Inequality Dynamics and collaboration with faculty and graduate students from across the University of Michigan and beyond, this Rackham Interdisciplinary Workshop wishes to also lay the groundwork to revitalize the Real Utopias book project.

Envisioning Real Utopias - University of Michigan - Rackham Interdisciplinary Workshop